Eat the Rainbow

What can I say I really really like colour in my food. 1D48D87B-E54E-42F8-B6D0-8B89535F9F71Shrimp and avocado salad – I keep ordering this every time I visit The Flats Eatery in Estevan. I’ve tried their sandwiches and burgers but this always appeals to me the most. Plus its cheaper than the non-filling salads at Original Joes. Work is totally going to judge me for claiming $30 for a single lunch meal expense for last week x_x 0B61D18B-D590-4248-8C9B-03CA892ACC36I bring colour into my own meals at home : ) I saw radishes and got excited at the grocery store.

6D5DA0DE-17EA-4F27-9F59-B6F991F43D1CHow my rice bowl is actually consumed when I get over the 30 sec photo op and presentation.