Icelandic Beer Dupe



I’m starting my career as an unprofessional beer vlogger and I hope to make it big. Here is my first entry:
DSC00985 DSC00986



Was going for Einstök Ölgerð an Icelandic chocolate coffee beer but this is the closest Toronto dupe for it. Mill Street Coffee Porter it is!

Verdict: Gross and no more I can’t be a beer vlogger cuz I just don’t like beer

unless you like beer, black coffee and all things bitter then go a head


Rollin the olde skool way



10523201_10203273515592554_2137829002741705203_n 10429339_10203273515152543_6810440085786931633_n 10502083_10203276099577152_369820782904817313_n 10459876_10203276092696980_6315749744385360285_n 10356328_10203273516272571_740613009653822876_n 10384577_10203276096137066_2882271667999396248_nTraveled so far out of town yesterday to see some friends since I haven’t met up with them as a group since I graduated. We went indoor rollerskating. My friends rented out those two by two wheel roller skates while I brought my own inline skates. We had a fun time catching up while skating under disco balls and black lights. There were like no one there other than a few kids .