Thursday’s Outing

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Happy Chinese New Years! 😀 I went out to see some friends yesterday because today is family day. Got some new years snacks opened up at home. My friend bought me Hello Kitty socks, face mask and tea from Korea :D. I visited another friend at the University of Toronto and he showed me how to use a rowing/ padding machine in his office. In the evening I went to a jazz lounge and ordered a spinach black bean quesadilla and enjoyed a night of good company and jazz.  That summarizes my Thursday.


Which one is mines?

photo (2) photo (3)

Both of these are potato salads but only one of them is actually my creation. The other one is made by my friend. Take a stab at which one is mines 😀 white bowl or green bowl? I took both pictures with an i phone just to be fair.

DSC00185 DSC00210

My other munchies through out the week …nibbled on way too much Camembert cheese this week, couldn’t control myself. I love cheese!

Other than that my week ended off with barbecuing some burgers in the cold. I was temporarily in charge of toasting the buns and I managed to get them all burnt up (oops).

photo (5)

Fixing my shag

I always get a good laugh whenever I pull a plastic bag over my head. Time for me to get a trim, I have to look presentable seeing how I have an upcoming dinner dance to attend. Aeropostale is so constricting O_O, the bag fitted so snuggle-ly at my shoulders. So freezing to be in shorts and a tank top in the middle of winter. I was freezing in the bathroom. photo (4)

Marvel Pants

photo (4)MARVEL :D…My inner weirdness was tempted to try these bizarre tights I found at forever21…but I held back and didn’t. Pricey at $18 for something that’s not that publicly wearable. I wonder if I could actually pull them off in public? Hmmm…probably not a good idea, I almost always regret purchasing things from this store