Welcome to Sudbury

I got attacked by mosquitoes just setting up the camera for this photo…really need to remember to spray myself head to toe in repellant. I love the birch trees in this photo. I’ve never seen such a beautiful forest of white bark. Taken at the rotary park lookout. The actual lookout was fun to climb but disappointing in terms of scenery. DSC02793This is my welcome pose
DSC02849Beginning of the boardwalk at Bell Park
DSC02846 Because we are in nickel mining city I have to have to have a picture of a mine cave even if its not a real one. This was taken at  Science North.DSC02843 The is the all famous Inco Superstack second tallest free standing chimney in the word. It’s for the nickel smelting. Spreading the pollutants away from the city. DSC02851


Worms with wings plus Malaysian crawlies

This is a live Malaysian walking stick, it is —-HUGE! I love the colouring of it but it also looks creepy. Yes I touched it and no that’s not my hand in the picture. Good to know it’s a herbivore. DSC02819 So it’s my very first time walking into a butterfly observatory and I had to take a moment before entering because I just realized how freaky butterflies really are. It’s not just an insect …it’s a flying insect with big ass wings plus your also factoring in that it’s not one but a whole room of flying insects. DSC02837 Never seen real pupa so the first thing I though of was that they resemble a pokemon DSC02838The butterfly observatory is really another one of those places where I’ve been wanting to go as a kid but never gotten the chance. There was no hell way my mother was going to take me to a butterfly observatory, she’s totally freaked out by butterflies and now I understand way because I’m sort of freaked out by them too.
DSC02839 These brown spotted ones are massive, they were like palm sized and the insect portions was like a chubby worm? No I would not want that to land on me. DSC02840Now that I’ve seen butterflies close up I don’t understand why it would be a common image that people would get a tattoo of, isn’t there something else say less creepy that symbolizes freedom and metamorphosis? I think books beautify butterflies too much for kids, not that that’s a bad thing.

Dynamic Earth: Big Nickel

In grade 1 I had a map of Canada that indicated all the famous tourist attractions through the provinces and I have always wanted to go see the Big Nickel that was indicated on the map, well I finally bought my self a tripod and drove myself there to see it. After doing this I can’t wait to turn more of my “wants” into reality.DSC02805 DSC02811

I can’t post this on Facebook my first name already gets made fun of..Penny on Penny someone’s bound to make more corny tiring jokes.DSC02810 DSC02817