Just re-hydrating fungus for dinner

See Picture 3 for title reference… mussels with fermented black beans, bamboo fungus re-hydrated to go with shiitake mushrooms and hot and sour soup which is neither hot or sour to accommodate for all family members… and that concludes my dinner menu. + rice of course. DSC00341 DSC00371 DSC00350 DSC00355 DSC00357 DSC00364


The Unexpected

DSC00310I was honestly joking when I said my next boyfriend would be a vast improvement and that I would bring home a dozen roses instead of a stem but uhhhh….I actually did get a dozen. Had one of those “oh shit!! : O” mental moments when I saw him with the flowers.

New Orleans Gumbo


Tried something really new today, I came across gumbo when I was looking up Creole food. It look really delicious on google images so I decided to try and make it and it actually turned out really well.

Snack attack

DSC00257 DSC00254 DSC00262 DSC00249

Found some cheese on promotion at the grocery store. Funny how the “you save” number is printed larger than the actual price number. I had my own little at home Starbuck happening this afternoon, made some tea and munched on half a cinnamon roll  (calorie conscious) and tackled some snack items from the CNY gift box. Yes I snacked a lot today but I also went out for a jog.