Lounge, Study, Chill, Talk

I had to get my sibling to take some photos of the brand new building at our university. This is the new student learning centre that was recently built. Wish I had such a spacious study space back when I was completing my degree. This alumini is jealous haha. I feel like I have to go check this out when I pass by one day and personally rate the architecture and interior design myself.4A14EC6F-C031-455A-8954-91F6E68DC1829F3356B5-F204-44E3-8155-A978465E3C7F IMG_0559 IMG_0560 IMG_0563 IMG_0574IMG_0573IMG_0564 It seems like a pretty neat space, what do you think?



This is were I’m at and have concluded with at this point. Couldn’t have put it in better words myself.

Subject P

P only wants to live until 25. She’s 23 right now.

I must say life seems a lot more tolerable if you think your only going to live until 25. Let’s be honest, the chances of most of us doing anything of significance is very slim. I have accepted this fact. I used to think life was about making a contribution to society. But what can I do? Let’s put it this way if we all did something special, none of us would have done anything special. What am i going to accomplish past the age of 25? It’s a shitty way to think, but its a thought I cant get out of my head. What makes you get up in the morning and not just crawl back into your warm toasty bed?

We all have incredibly brilliant and incredibly stupid ideas that we can’t entertain due to lack of…

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alluring vibrancy

I love the vibrancy of graffiti art that brightens up an alley or a parking space. This particular one has a native vibe about it with the geometric shapes added within the bold swirls of colours. -11 degree Celsius (12.2F) my fingers were so numb .imageThis one is so and so looking but i still took a picture of it. It was the first one that lured my attention.


This little piggy ate a lot

My friends too me to eat at Shabul and Conbul. I learned that Congbul is basically bean sprout + thinly sliced meat with sauce that cooks right in front of you on a table gas stove and the waiter comes by the table and stirs it around on occasion. The flavor is quite wonderful and I especially like having rice cakes in it. imageCheck out this seafood pancake… god the chunks of octopus tentacles are so good and you know how octopus can be awfully chewy if not done right …this was definitely done perfectly. This was the size of a pizza. I’d choose this over pizza any day.

After dinner we went to Hi Tea for dessert. OMG look at this monster waffle + ice cream + mixed fruit. Yeah even with three people working on it  we couldn’t clean the plate.

Another dessert …a sweet warm soup like one with tapioca. I’ve never really been a fan of this type of dessert but it was good.

I ordered a black sesame slush with ice cream. I loved it.imageYes I was incredibly stuffed, happy and had wayyyy too much sugar in my system for the night.image

Marketing looking glass

Took up a new job in marketing administration and am currently working on a downtown condominium sales project. Its relatively chill, somewhat confusing and a little to monotonous for my taste but overall it’s okay and I’m adapting and making some income.

Here are some pictures of the sales center… I really like wondering around playing with the model home when no ones watching. They start at $240 000 and they sell like hot cakes since they’re next to the University of Toronto.


I feel like I’m looking at a novelty item even though it’s just water.
imageIf I had that little counter space in my bathroom… I wouldn’t quite know what to do with my abundance of stuff