Hot wheelz

My first time at a car show. It has never really interested me in previous years to go. But now that I’ve gone for the first time I can sort of understand why it’s amusing. img_4299img_4302img_4308img_4315img_4326This is my favourite…it’s so tiny and cuteimg_4327img_4329img_4330img_4331


Tid bits of Randomness

I do not collect lego but I found myself sifting and feeling through packages in order to find a batman with a rubber ducky floaty.img_4177My housemates collection img_4181If you don’t know already I love getting socks as gifts especially novelty ones. These are perfect for winter sports. Even goes with my pink knee pads for snowboarding img_4215Making myself healthy food as usual. Im on a mission to gain 5-10 ibs the next two months because I’m severely underweight. img_4228So to celebrate our one year of dating (wow I’m actually content for once) my bf took me out for Italian fine dining. Me being the weirdo that I am decided to pick the most unknown sounding food items…I didn’t know “Orata”was a fish, but then again it was under seafood. Don’t like fish but this was okay.

I love love love meat and cheese boards. 318873b2-3349-4a63-b4a7-3939ae1ea027

 Am I into fancy Italian cuisine dinner date expereinces? Ermmm. The best advice I have ever gotten about eating fancy Italian food is to only order appetizers only and I seem to continuously agree with that one. I always want multiple appetizers but am never interested in any main courses. Conclusion, it was a lovely dinner date and I’ll just keep my odd and quirky food desires to myself.