Smokey meat smokey meat

So I saw this restaurant on the Food Network while watching TV over at my bf’s place and decided we had to go try it. Just because it was so raved about…”ITS ON TV WE HAVE TO TRY IT!” moment and so we went to Caplansky’s Deli. It’s a jewish deli place.
imageThis is the Knish it is a puff pastry stuffed with smoked meat, potatoes and spices…I’ve never had anything like it before but the first thing that came into mind was home comfort food. Something like a wonderful granny would make. imageHere is the main I ordered, which is their ever so popular Reubenesque sandwich imageSmokey meat goodnessimageAs per usual I always love photographing graffiti while I’m in Toronto imageLook! Piggies!

Home Cooking with friends

Due to my in ability to drive because of my hospitalization incident earlier this month my friends came over to my house instead and we made lunch together. As usual they have a preference for Korean food so we made Dukboki (spicy Korean rice cake) together. imageThe prep workimageThe final result…it was spicy for me …my nose was running but the other two were fine. I am weak sauce. imageWe then made flavoured shaved ice with this Amazon ice device my friend gotimageWe made oreo, green tea and blueberry flavour…sooo goodimageCHEERS!image

Feeling the spring in my step

Nothing like eating the sex organ of some poor sea creature….gahhh uni so good haven’t had it in ages…though it didn’t taste exactly like my memory of it. I think my memory of it tasted even better.


Here is me mini golfing …I love outdoor mini golfing

Cool newspaper background from the night I went to the Art Gallery of Ontarioimage

Spring outfit is on point. Not my dog. image

Sunday funday

Went downtown to the Food and Drink Market on Sunday imageWhen your friend is dying for carbs to resolve his hangover take him food sampling lolimage

He looks okay in this picture….looked like a wreck in person. imageLook at this slice of pork sample size ❤image

We sat in a cheese seminar image

Friend doing a cheese trivia quiz image

Our sandwich sample for sitting in the seminar. Asparagus grilled cheese sandwhich image

Friday/Saturday business

So I came back to the hospital to do a test on the treadmill so they can checkout my heart rate. It’s called a stress test and man was my bod stressed….the machine increased running speed and incline every 3 mins. I broke a sweat and got dizzy. They better have gotten a really good read on my heart cuz that was a lot of work.imageMy bf took a half day off for taking me to my appointment and we got breakfast afterwards since my appointment was at 8am and I was finished by 9am.

On Saturday I went to the a pet store that specializes in aquatic pets. Honestly, it was better than going to the aquarium. They even had a shark! It was a good date idea.

imageI found a puffer fish ….so cool!imageHelllloooo fishy!imageThen there was the reptile section where I saw them get fed bright green juicy worms…grosssssssimage

I ended up buying Fika a harness and a XXL Kong at the pet storeimageimageI feel like I have neglected buns cuz Fika steals all my attention so I made him a gourmet  salad to make up for lately. imageSince I got doctor’s order that I can’t drive, my friend came all the way to my hood to see me and she does not live close….I feel special.image

My heart took me to the ER

Feels like hell every couple of hours. I have hyperventilated, blacked out, scrapped myself up from falling and my head is throbbing like a $%^&*(_)(*&^ and here I am making up a fake story for the doctor because my mother is at the ER with me and I don’t want to reveal that I snuck out to my bf place late last night. I planned on getting home in the morning until I fainted in his garage. I manage to drag myself back to my place and make it seem like the accident happened at my parents house and that I didn’t sneak out. Even though I’ve got everything covered…I am in so much physical pain and discomfort right now.image

The Docs suspect I have a cardiac problem…heart is beating not like the 24 year old heart it’s suppose to be.image

Now I truly see how my heart is such a vital organ and how when it’s not functioning properly everything else in my body is chaos.