My Going away dinner at petit potato

Super cute utensils and tableware. img_4375Me just sending photos of my dessert and making ppl jellyimg_4401img_4402We all are pretty into omuriceimg_4403I got the eel omurice.img_4377Basically eating a mountain of sweet toast covered in ice-cream.


Warrior Badges

Went snowboarding in Blue Mountain. This is my last outing with my friends before I go on another journey to a far away land to chase my dream job. Big news readers! I am moving to the province of Saskatchewan next!
img_4397Here is a picture of me and my friends. We got a day pass and snowboarded 3pm -9pm…so many hrs!img_4396Night time photo before we left the mountainsimg_4393Tried out a local pizza joint called Pie…I ordered a wrap thats made of thin crust pizza dough and a cauliflower soup. Yummy.img_4398I swear I wore knee pads …but they shifted and I fell on ice. OUCH! Me being me I think bruises are cool and I wear them like a badge with pride.

Mediocre days

Seafood pie in Collingwood
imagePointless trip to Tobermory again and again with strangers. Fuck it Im not going on anymore stupid trips with strangers. I hate poor planning and indecisive plans it irritates me. Sat in a car for two hrs just to eat fish and chips.
imageScenic caves hiking

imageimageGot to do some zip lining while I was there

imageCollingwood was okay but I think I’m so done with going on group trips with him. I don’t like going on trips with large groups of indecisive poorly planned strangers where I have to wait around. What can I say, I’m not very flexible when it comes to chilling.

Done with Katz

I went to check out Toronto’s first cat cafe and it really wasn’t as fun as I thought I would be. I had higher expectations for these kitties. The admission to the kitty area was that you had to spend min $5/ person in food/drinks, rather limited for me cuz I don’t do caffeine. I ended up getting an apple cider and a slice of cheese cake.imageThis orangey black ass-hole bit my finger imageHere is a grumpy cat the staff warned us about. Doesn’t like to be pet so I don’t know what that human there is doing…imageIn conclusion cat cafes are a good concept but I’m not into them. Lazy, finger biting feline with attitudes.

Smokey meat smokey meat

So I saw this restaurant on the Food Network while watching TV over at my bf’s place and decided we had to go try it. Just because it was so raved about…”ITS ON TV WE HAVE TO TRY IT!” moment and so we went to Caplansky’s Deli. It’s a jewish deli place.
imageThis is the Knish it is a puff pastry stuffed with smoked meat, potatoes and spices…I’ve never had anything like it before but the first thing that came into mind was home comfort food. Something like a wonderful granny would make. imageHere is the main I ordered, which is their ever so popular Reubenesque sandwich imageSmokey meat goodnessimageAs per usual I always love photographing graffiti while I’m in Toronto imageLook! Piggies!

Home Cooking with friends

Due to my in ability to drive because of my hospitalization incident earlier this month my friends came over to my house instead and we made lunch together. As usual they have a preference for Korean food so we made Dukboki (spicy Korean rice cake) together. imageThe prep workimageThe final result…it was spicy for me …my nose was running but the other two were fine. I am weak sauce. imageWe then made flavoured shaved ice with this Amazon ice device my friend gotimageWe made oreo, green tea and blueberry flavour…sooo goodimageCHEERS!image

Dessert kitchen

I love meeting up with my friend for dessert/ bubble tea just chilling . It really just cheers me right up for the rest of the week and keeps away from depression. Everyone needs a good companion buddy : ) …what can be more uplifting than good company plus dessert? I suggested trying this place called Dessert Kitchen I kept seeing on my Instagram. image

This particular dessert looks a bit funky sooo… of course we had to try it. To break it down it’s basically green tea noodle that have the texture of agar ( yes petri dish substance) with sweet red bean, mochi sago in coconut milk

In the back is what they call a mango supreme classic : OOOOO…it was the one I most looked forward to trying but the one that took 3rd place out of the three desserts I tried.  I was expecting something with a  little bit more of a fruity sweet punch.image

My ball of vanilla ice cream sitting on top of some sweet red ben which goes really nicely with the fresh warm cake
imageGreen Tea Lava Cake – close up- Look at that amazing green lava oozing out of the cake.

This little piggy ate a lot

My friends too me to eat at Shabul and Conbul. I learned that Congbul is basically bean sprout + thinly sliced meat with sauce that cooks right in front of you on a table gas stove and the waiter comes by the table and stirs it around on occasion. The flavor is quite wonderful and I especially like having rice cakes in it. imageCheck out this seafood pancake… god the chunks of octopus tentacles are so good and you know how octopus can be awfully chewy if not done right …this was definitely done perfectly. This was the size of a pizza. I’d choose this over pizza any day.

After dinner we went to Hi Tea for dessert. OMG look at this monster waffle + ice cream + mixed fruit. Yeah even with three people working on it  we couldn’t clean the plate.

Another dessert …a sweet warm soup like one with tapioca. I’ve never really been a fan of this type of dessert but it was good.

I ordered a black sesame slush with ice cream. I loved it.imageYes I was incredibly stuffed, happy and had wayyyy too much sugar in my system for the night.image