Hey there rooftop strippers

DSC01675 DSC01687 DSC01689

Do you see what I see?

Yup naked mannequins on the balcony of a vintage clothing store. I like it! I wonder how my neighbors would feel if i sat a couple of naked mannequins on my roof for decor…

Rooftop Parking for One…person

Some times it’s really nice to take some time alone, go out and explore. So today is Boxing day and everyone is out crammed in malls trying to get deals, I figured I should go out too but my idea was to go where no one was since I didn’t need to shop. I went into a random parking lot …climbed to the top floor and took some pictures

Yes it’s empty …Kensington is a  local hippy area… not exactly your touristy Toronto hot spots




SAY WHAA?! I didn’t know Goldie Lockes has a daughter named Blondie Lockes…so like what? the next generation/ her granddaughter will be called Yellowy Lockes?!

The things I learn from gift shopping for 6 year olds. It’s a pretty doll though. It’s crazy to see how different dolls look today compared to my Malibu Barbies back in the 90s.. I like how dolls now look younger and more like a girl compared to how every Barbie back in the day looked like a miss universe. The  disproportionately larger head seem to be a distinct feature these days.

My Experience with Scamming people with Ontario Consumers Home Services

Two days ago I got an interview with a company that said they were looking to fill a customer representative position. So I went for my first interview which was literally like maybe 5 mins long and passed on to the second interview. I was then told the second “interview” was from 10:30am to 7:00pm and that I would get to do some shadowing with their manager to get to know the product better.

10:30-11:30am – I sat in a room with three other candidates and learned the companies background and we all introduced ourselves to them and told them what skills we can bring into the company and how we can deliver customer service.Then everyone got introduced to shadow different “managers”

11:30am-1:30pm- My “manager” took me outside and told me to get into a van, there were three other people in the van that were around the ages of 19. He started the van and we went off (note we were in the core of down town Toronto), during this time I thought I was a good time to better introduce myself and get to know this “manager”. After a 10mins in the van I was told we were going to Brampton ( a town 45min outside of Toronto) I was confused as to why we were going so far from the head office.

1:30pm-2.00pm-We arrived  I went with this crew to get lunch…I went with it eve though I had brought lunch.

2:00pm- got back into the van and the “manager” started to drop ppl off in different neighborhoods. We eventually arrive and stop in a suburban neighborhood.

3.00pm – he asked me if i was ready to see this job…i said yes…we got out of the car and HE TOOK ME KNOCKING FROM DOOR TO DOOR FOR 5HRS IN A FUCKING SNOW STORM! – I signed up for customer service rep NOT SALES REP

The WORST part of it is that this guy goes around the neighborhood doing the following at houses:

– May I speak to the home owner? – if yes- he goes on…I am here to check on your hot water heater rental unit due to a recent accident of CO leak in your subdivision(COMPLETE LIE), this is part of the rental services we provide  – would you like my shoes off outside or inside?- barges into the house goes into the basement …pretends to look at the equipment and tells home owner they either:

1.) have a municipal code  infraction with their installation(LIE)

2.) their system equipment is old and it can blow up their basement(LIE)

3.) Their system is currently leaking CO that can kill their family – and no a CO detector is no needed to prove the leak as  it will only detect high levels CO which would have already killed you.

4.) You need to change your equipment immediately and we can qualify you for a government rebate (LIE)


How much does this ASSHOLE  makes if home owner signs this contract for new equipment? $600!

It disgusts me that these sales people live in downtown luxury condos and drives Mercedes through scamming people


What happened to me you ask?

I have a smart mouth and a brain and I was hired and given a congratulatory letter of joining their team and I accepted their offer. HOWEVER, I never showed up on my first day of work

.I DON’T MAKE DIRTY MONEY . Lied to me about the job position and I’ll lie about accepting the job offer. Fair.

Whether it’s my community or someone else’s, I care, protect and am a person of integrity.