Shiney old hunks of metals with wheels

Look at all the colours! It’s like looking at a box of crayons! I know nothing about cars but I stopped by a classic car show because it’s a Sunday afternoon and I have nothing better to do.imageimageimageimageimage


The garden no one enjoys

This is in front of my work place and I walk straight past it everyday but now that I take the time to do so a couple of thoughts crossed me:

1.) Why is my workplace ballin enough to maintain a garden that no one uses but doesn’t pay me a competitive wage?

2.) I rather be one of those people that are trimming the trees then do what I’m doing in the office

3.) Winter will hit us and this will be depressing

4.) How much chemical pesticides/ fertilizer did they use to maintain that grass?


Safety first?!

As a health inspector I get to see all sorts of stuff  and sometimes it’s horrifyingly gross
imageBehind a poorly maintained dumpster
imageUncovered food in the fridge stacked…do you still want to eat that seafood salad?
imageThis guy in the funky pants…OMG plz don’t fall! I was afraid for this guy so I called the manager and the manager said “it’s okay everyone knows he’ll probably die in the kitchen”….uhhhhhh

visiting the plastic surgeon

I’ve never been to a plastic surgery clinic before, this place has a very pretty and modern feel. I feel weird for going in for an appointment but I have an arm tumour to consult about. I have a fat lump on my shoulder that makes me look like I forever have a swollen mosquito bite or really weird bone structure. imageimageimage


Life update. I moved again! Had some good eats and some questionable ones over the month.


Look at this ramen burger…greasy-est shit everimage

All of them carnival game winningsimage

Park near my new homeimage

Painting my friend’s garage and got my bf to contribute manual labour


This is my new workplace. I work in a food lab.image

Milos getting so sun in the yard

Eating vegan raw food at Rawlicious