Legal matters

Such a grand legislative building. Speaking of legal matters, my case with the Ministry of Labour is coming to the days of getting a conclusion. It’s been almost a year long battle getting compensation from the last company I worked for. I hate them with a passion for overworking me and treating me like trash and telling me I’m not qualified. DSC04405I’ve demanded $2500 for a settlement (really not that much for a franchise to pay me out) but they refused. Doesn’t matter to me since I’m not after money, I’m chasing after justice. DSC04403

Last year in September to November I really had no life. I worked from 8:00am to 7:30pm when I went home and ate dinner after dinner I would be on my laptop finishing up work until 10pm when I had to sleep again (Mind you this was all for some measly salary income…I wasn’t paid hourly…so that’s how they abused the work hours out of me). I’m so glad I’m not in that situation anymore.


The road less travelled

Hello— it’s been a while. I haven’t really done much over the summer. I live in a very bland place with very bland food. It’s incredibly different from the suburban lifestyle I’m used to and the diversity and vibrancy of Toronto that I was once part of. DSC04418Even the blandest places have it’s beauty and hidden gems. Though I may only see one other car every hour on the road. I appreciate the few people that are out here. Passing drivers always wave at each other and are ready to assist and help a stranger in need. DSC04407I wish I could climb this and go through the tunnels inside that natural phenomenon. But I don’t have my Boy here to give me a boost with the climbing. DSC04415For those of you that know me, I’m a pretty competent climber and I’ve done quite a number of solo hikes back in Ontario but this one is a no go because some of the spots are very crumbly. IMG_5306

Saskatoon Pie anyone? I want to bring a few pies back for my family when I go home for a visit in October for Thanksgiving.