cooking with the thinking cap on

To think outside of the box for someone else is a nice challenge. Whenever I cook it’s always been a free for all and I cook according to what my heart feels like knowing that my family will eat it regardlessly. This week I did a very different take on the classic quiche I usually make for my family. The person I was making it for basically discriminates against 90% of coloured vegetables so I had to put my thinking cap on. I made a seafood quiche with canned salmon, canned crab meat, shrimp and spinach. It turned out really well.
38FE439F-62E9-47B0-8F5B-9F6CDE7415B4I think I got to feel what mom goes through when she needs to cook dinner dishes that would please both me, my brother and my dad’s picky-ness of not eating/ liking certain foods. It does put a slight challenge and twist to things and it makes you think of an alternative.  I can now see why she would get fed up with cooking for us by the end of the week.

4E131DFD-B443-4185-88D2-D101D0974082.jpegIn anticipation for spring I have started growing some spring onions and basil in a Ragu pasta sauce jar in my bedroom. It would be nice to grow a few jars of things. I miss planting and gardening. My parents probably already have a head start on sowing seeds for their french herb garden by this time of the year.


Happy Nun and More

In the little town of Forget, Saskatchewan where the population is a mere 100. There sits this little gem of a restaurant called the Happy Nun Cafe. This place is filled with books,  art and crafts done by local artists. It is a place where musicians stop to perform live music. The restaurant is filled with historical pieces that were originally from the town and each of the previous owners have written their own love story associated with the restaurant and how they have come to continue and take on the business.A834C6E3-05E8-4778-8006-B4F37CC0118B

I love the vibe of the restaurant as it is bright, clean and is has a country hip vibe where it makes you feel instantly cozy. AFC4C8BF-5D38-42D6-B887-6FE2BD247CF3The menu at this place is ever changing, the cook comes up with a new menu every week so it’s always a delightful and delicious surprise. 54EBB6CA-B9F1-4E82-A22C-F14F94BB5B26

Greek Steak Wrap: New York Steak, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta with Greek yogurt. Soup: Tequila Spiked Chicken

F5159FF6-DCB6-4571-8648-20965526E7C5This may look like a drink since it is in a teacup but it’s actually a dessert. The menu description of it is:Muddy Cherry Trifle – A deliciously sweet treat! Layers of French fudge cake, black cherry sauce, fresh whip and shaved dark chocolate.

6FB0CD6D-47AA-4750-832E-D0375D24342AIt’s been a while since I’ve taken some time in the kitchen but I might be getting back at it. I made a quadruple layered pancake cake topped with strawberry and greek yogurt.

Beef Drama and Sexuality?!

One of the things I hate the most is manipulation, being manipulated emotionally and realizing you’re a victim of it much later. Of course, I’ve learnt to stand up for myself but sometimes it still enviably happens. Yesterday I found myself applogizing just to bring peace even though I wasn’t apologetic.

I got to feel someone’s immense judgement towards me for being in touch and open about my sexuality. They were the one to bring up a personal question, the one to make assumptions and then judge me for being open about it. Basically set me up for what they want to hear and put me down for it. I was not rocked by this situation as I can only assume that they have self esteem issues.

I realized that for someone who is not well loved and guided by family that person can  become really dependant on their friends and significant other to fill that empty space. There’s a constant need to leave the house/ go out every night, the lack of communication with parents and some very messed up prioritization.

My ex decided to start beef with me and express that he only told his parents we broke up last week (we broke up more than 3 months ago). He decided to also tell me he’s going to let go of me now (he’s the one that decided to invite girls into his bed, so obviously I’d letted go long time ago), he questioned if he was ever important to me (because I messaged “happy birthday” a few days off from his actual birthday and this after we had broken up 2 months ago).

Saying things like “I didn’t see that in you”, “how can you move on to someone new in a few months”, “makes me question how important I ever was”, “makes me re-evaluate”…those are manipulative and negative words. I find those words to be targeting and down putting. For someone that admitted to not putting 100% into our relationship when I did, those words are not acceptable. Everyone has takes a different amount of time to move on and if one is to stay a friend they should be supportive and positive not negatively questioning the past.

This post is by no means out of spite for the fellow but more so shedding light on an experience that others might relate to and sharing a perspective.

Have you ever seen red flags in someone’s personality while dating, brushed it off only to find it to come back to bite you?