Grandescunt Aucta Labore

By work all things increase and grow. This is a motto I have long adapted since I was 17 years old. I believe that it applies to my personal life and my career life. I believe that if I invested in my relationship, fostered it with love, compassion, loyalty and trust,  in return I would have bulletproof love that can survive anything (including distance). Well, I was wrong because that was only my motto and not everyone live by the same life mottos and concepts.

I would compare my recent ‘almost’ 2 years relationship to the growth of a plant that withered and died after a storm hit. Not all plants survive storms and droughts.

I’m still going on strong with building my career and I guess I must find a plant that is as strong as a weed but obviously not as annoying and unwanted. Sometimes we just choose to grow the wrong plant for our lifestyle and accidentally kill it.

Brilliant summary to all my readers eh? My friends just about died laughing when I said I was handing in my “girlfriend resignation letter”. I’ve always had a very creative way of thinking and expressing myself.