going for that ariana grande hair

I have decided to name this dress Barcode cuz that’s what I feel like when I wear it. This is my birthday dinner outfit. Was going for that Ariana Grande vibe with the high pony tail and that cat eye thing and what-not.DSC02536 DSC02530


Pass the Fika

I will not get to spend time after I leave, I was told not to come home for the next couple of months and to focus on building my career. When I get back Fika will be all grown up and a lot larger. DSC02505 DSC02508

It’s justifiable-ish haul + other life stuff

Really I was just going into Sephora to pick up my annual free birthday gift but I ended up buy a whole bare minerals foundation kit. I then went to walmart to pick up some other stuff…yeah…Technically only 3 things from walmart and 1 thing from sephora


This my fellow readers is not just about my girly things….TADA! Amazing Muskoka maple coffee for even the snobbiest coffee connoisseurs out there. Trust me after you’ve had this you won’t want any other coffee out there on the market.

DSC02485 I went out and I was surprised to find her in the chair. I didn’t teach her this, she isn’t even allowed on the couch inside.

DSC02488Dear wonderful people/ followers/ readers I am happy to announce I will be moving out of my parents house again. I will be head to some remote place up in north eastern Ontario. Look forward to my blog posts.

doggie progression

I got her at 7 weeks old and now she’s 9 week. It’s been at lot of poop & pee cleaning, 3AM crying and a whole lot of work training but there also has been a lot of success as she now knows the commands; sit, down, paw and name response. I’m curious as to what is more work? a puppy or a human baby? Honestly I’m starting to think my dog is more work than a kid. There are moments were I get so frustrated and exshausted. I have a couple dozen of painful bite marks all over my arms and ankles to top everything off.


I love her I love her I love her…were progressing