Candy Cane Park

The most Canadian play slide on earth. DSC04392

This is the candy cane tree. I rename it the Dr. Suess tree. As you can so i tried climbing it . I’m usually a pretty successful tree climber but I wasn’t having any luck today.DSC04394

Here is my friend doing a much better job of monkeying DSC04398


Saskatchewan Science Centre

JAWSSSDSC04366Lets make bubblesDSC04368Encapsulating myself in a bubbleDSC04372I’m an earwax
DSC04378DSC04380Alice in Wonderland moment. Big person in small house.DSC04389

University of Regina

Took a tour of the University of Regina over the weekend. DSC04346This U of R sign apparently costed close to a million dollars so I just had to take a photo with it. DSC04340Gophers apparently are a common rodent in Saskatchewan. This is not road kill, it’s alive. I have no idea what it was just on the sidewalk. But it’s cute. DSC04338I also dropped by the First Nations University. Just look at that teepee building. DSC04353.jpg