City Exploring San Francisco

For the past few years I’ve been traveling on May long weekend. Going to the States during a Canadian holiday always did seem like a good idea.. maybe not this trip since the currency exchange rate is pretty sad. This time I met my brother in SF as we no longer live out of the same city. DSC04435 (1)We tried to cram all the touristy things to do in 2.5 days. I had originally planned three full days to walk around but my flight got quite delayed flying into SF. DSC04549Obviously we had to get a picture with the iconic cable cars of San Fran. DSC04486This Magowan Infinite Mirror Maze was really fun and pretty. Flashy lights and music while you run into walls and dead ends. DSC04538We found a street food stand selling whole lobsters so we got one for lunch…wasn’t the best idea since it wasn’t cracked properly and it was a struggle to eat on the streets.