dem jellybean lumps

Brother’s friend’s german shepherd just had 7 babies. Look at the momma, she looks very confused as to what just came out of her butt. Perfect timing. I look forward to bringing one home a little one in two months. Plenty of time for me to read, do my research and prepare my home.imageimage


Excersizing was unnecessary

The picture kind of looks like the eye shape of a new born child….gah who am I kidding.

I went for my first spring time jog and my face blew up. Yay! allergens! the last time this happened I was in 8th grade gym class doing outdoor jogging.

imageThanks for telling me I’m too ugly and unpresentable to go to work mom.

Tinder and Beards

So I went on my second tinder date with this guy I’ve been texting with for the past month…lets keep it short, I was trying really hard to focus on his face and imagining him with out facial hair during our dinner…. Damn the beard! Every time I’ve managed to see past his beard I was like “he’s good looking” and then I notice the beard again -___- (yes I have an issue with facial hair)… I also think he needs dental benefits LOL yeah the condition of his teeth were that noticeably bad.

I enjoy texting him …just texting him. I now understand why people have virtual boyfriends and girlfriends chat games with anime characters in Japan.

No I am not on Tinder anymore ( was on it for less than 7 days), I’m done with this game. It was amusing phone app. A “Thank You” shoutout to my best friend for finding me a good distraction while I was depressed.

Dog adoption

I’ve always really wanted a dog and recently I’ve been looking on the Toronto Humane Society’s website and I found one that sounded and looked really ideal so I decided to go check him out. I went in and looked at cage after cage until I found the one I saw online, Maxwell is his name, a 2 year old husky mixed german shepherd.image

Maxwell looked incredibly sad and depressed, when he stood up I realized he was HUGE.. like belly button height next to me…yep he could tear me from limb to limb if I fail at training him…he could also eat my current pet rabbit : S I nearly jumped out of my skin when he barked.



Sorry Maxwell I don’t think were a good match as big and handsome as you are.

Dessert kitchen

I love meeting up with my friend for dessert/ bubble tea just chilling . It really just cheers me right up for the rest of the week and keeps away from depression. Everyone needs a good companion buddy : ) …what can be more uplifting than good company plus dessert? I suggested trying this place called Dessert Kitchen I kept seeing on my Instagram. image

This particular dessert looks a bit funky sooo… of course we had to try it. To break it down it’s basically green tea noodle that have the texture of agar ( yes petri dish substance) with sweet red bean, mochi sago in coconut milk

In the back is what they call a mango supreme classic : OOOOO…it was the one I most looked forward to trying but the one that took 3rd place out of the three desserts I tried.  I was expecting something with a  little bit more of a fruity sweet punch.image

My ball of vanilla ice cream sitting on top of some sweet red ben which goes really nicely with the fresh warm cake
imageGreen Tea Lava Cake – close up- Look at that amazing green lava oozing out of the cake.