Happy Halloween: Shiro nuri inspired

Honestly I feel like my face is no where white enough compared to the shiro nuri photos I looked at for inspiration. I takes a lot of work and patience to paint ones face entirely white and evenly….or maybe I’m just using the wrong makeup for it. I got to re-used parts of my cosplay costume from earlier this year : D !ImageImageImage


Orange Surface Area

Image One pumpkin, three pictures. I realize that after I painted my first picture that there was still a lot more space to paint so I continued and kept going…now to decide which side to show off.

Project contd: Bionic Bunny/ White rabbit


So about that paper mache mess the other day…I got the idea to make a bunny mask. I knew I could never buy one to my ideal liking (because they all look cheap in stores and online) so I decided make it. How I made it:

Day 1

1.) Structured it using aluminum foil

2.) Paper mache with newspaper

Day 2

3.) Masking tape the whole mask to make it smooth

4.) More paper mache but with white tissue paper this time

Day 3 (Tomorrow)

5.) Paint it!



6 Ibs octopus sliced. Tastes like sea water, salty. Really tough and chewy. Felt like I was gnawing on a single piece forever. Can’t imagine having it raw and live, this ones been blanched.

Making Kawaii Pieces

HPIM2355 HPIM2356


I made some cute hair bows out of a worn out cardigan and a tutu dress out of a 1980s bridesmaid dress. I was very much inspired by Japanese fashion such as styles known as Fairy Kei and Harajuku. I also made macaron cookies but I’ve failed miserably in the cooking/ baking department lately (so no pics).

I really haven’t picked blogging back up since I’ve changed to WordPress. I’m not adapting well.