Bottom half skull

Okay so it’s that time of the year again and I tried to re-create shit I see off the internet with my noob art skills. Working with cream based makeup is horrible, it’s so hard to get the white colour to look even and opaque. Here are my pre filtered photos! Enjoy my artistry. image image


Shabu shabu and Parisian desserts

Despite that Im Chinese I’ve never had hot pot outside of home before so this was my first restaurant hot pot experience. This is the Korean version of hot pot aka shabu shabu. It’s a lot more vegetable and a lot less meat than say Chinese hotpot. At the end of the hotpot the remainder of the stew gets eaten with noodles and congee. OMGGG Korean congee is so good.  imageimageYou cook I eat om nom nom. Keep tossing stuff in my friend. imageimageThis is a giant mandu. King sized dumpling the size of a fist.imageWe went to L’opera a Parisian dessert place and I got the funny coloured cake. Almond Raspberry Pistachio. All their cakes had a really real fruit flavour.
imageHere is the inside of my cake. You can see the pistachio creme.

imageimage    image