Peeing in the Lake

Okay I’m totally joking about the title but that thought certain went through my mind… the beach was so long and the public washroom was so far away…and I’m such a lazy ass.   I drove like an hr to check out this beach called Providence Bay, it had a really beautiful long boardwalk but I forgot to take a photo because I had my hands full and was busy scouting out a beach spot. 42E184CC-464A-4FC9-A083-699DF342C0C3

This is beachy bum me …all I did this afternoon was read my smut novel. A girl can fantasize and daydream right? C4A8D4BB-9B7F-4E99-8444-586A003DCC0B

Am I looking like a golden goddess yet? …or a perfectly roasted chicken? Are my arms toned yet ? I’ve been working out at the gym semi-regularly. AAAF3987-6525-4F63-81D5-9EEC5DDBE3A3

I love wall murals… and this one is pretty. F77E4620-E3FE-480E-B7A4-144951DD2F43


Drunkard’s dream

Succulents are my type of plants. They’re low maintenance and you have ample opportunity to save it before it dies on you due to lack of watering. While browsing the farmer’s market I came across this oddly shaped one with a unique name…It was weird, I’m weird = must add it to my collection of weird things.209AE10D-4547-4C30-A902-98DDA279E5D4I’m probably attracted to it because it reminds me of underwater coral.
8F056192-D362-48B1-8B48-2EBAEF21538DIt’s also known as dancing bones cactus but that name doesn’t appeal to me. Drunkard’s dream sound more up my alley. There are little cactuses and needles on this thing I got a super tiny one stuck in my finger for 2 days and it wasn’t fun. 4AECDED4-764B-4742-B22E-185E8807AFE6I’ve always wanted a aloe plant but I want a more classic looking one but since I was in the world of unique species figured I might as well get a weird aloe too. Forgot what the special name for this one is called.

La Cloche Mountain

I am pretty much fearless went I go exploring on my own but I also am cautious and I constantly think of what I would so if I slip. This rock climbing trail is super challenging and nothing like anything I’ve ever done. 8461AB04-1FD8-4CDA-A1AE-AAF356CE1F82There are these red spray paint marks to direct you where to go. So i did just that and kept climbing. Man was it steep.

FDC1DDBE-2F09-4616-B85F-CF57D2D40DF5Here’s me trying to launch myself one step at a time. 2617A0A2-F052-4D6E-9FFE-0FD6C2569C1COf course at the very top I had to do my little jump for joy 07D09A39-7D72-43D3-8402-81FBCA821F0C

Ditching to be alone

I had a coworker that asked if she could stay at my place on the island with her friends. It was such a weird request I should have said no. She’s in her 40s and so are her friends so I found myself with a random bunch of middle age ladies camping out in my apartment…gawwwwd. The didn’t even come with a peace offering, they were literally looking for a free place to stay. It’s beyond my understanding why they couldn’t have gotten a hotel or airbnb. I don’t even work in the same office as that woman and for her to bring her friends too. Is it me? or do you guys think it makes zero sense too. She invited me to join her friends hiking and I declined so that I can do my own thing. 705A5598-488B-410E-9A33-81C76F55461CI went to explore a flee market and I found the perfect fish bowl for a succulent terrarium. I was in this shiny metal aisle for a long time though. Lots of interesting old things. I had to resist picking up a few things that caught my eye that would add to my bohemian apartment vibe that I’m try to put together. 8121FBD8-D26C-43BF-9729-A9BD457A8071I wandered through the Village of Sheguindah which is more than 9000 years old. A place where there was historical evidence of First Nations people who quarried here in the Paleoindian period. F120F67C-75C7-4761-80BA-06925CF2EE38 Typical me going through tall grass and bush to try and follow the water flow.50C829E6-84D3-4084-91C5-B439F9D5AB30This weekend is Canada Day weekend so of course I had to post something to represent that.


I went on a downtown Toronto adventure with my brother for my 28th birthday last week. I really enjoy getting to spend a day with him just chit chatting and trying new foods, going to museums and art galleries together. One of the few people that really get me and can deal with my shenanigans and unfiltered thoughts and opinions. 3F79631F-443A-4AD8-AF80-0F1E584EE05FWe went to this restaurant called Spaghetti Factory for lunch that my coworkers had recommended. I got lobster ravioli and it was delicious! My table was at a carousel with ponies surrounding it. C5E9E533-8E27-4AE1-9564-EB23F859E12EI really like this family friendly restaurant it’s really different from all the modernized places these days. E5C5C65E-4378-4A18-BFDA-0ED0F5E1E341We spontaneously dropped by the St Lawrence Market since neither have ever been before. There were a few seafood stands so we picked up some slices of smoked salmon to nibble on. DB0782EB-DEF0-4F50-BFDC-61FEF2D2EF64There were also a few cheese stands….mmmm my favourite…649F16FB-FCE7-465B-934E-241A36674701

I mainly wanted to go to the Museum of Illusions for my birthday. The museum was relatively but I’m the type to read stuff here and there and figure things out. 99E39A2E-2025-4A3D-B46B-DFE90AFF6F5E Here a few cool illusions323542E1-53CC-4FBA-A147-D0E139DE0CE9Me on a non existent chair looking really small. D8913DC3-87C6-447E-913D-B28EBC71B72FSo at the art gallery I play this game with my bro and guess the price of the piece. We found this sculpture that is worth more than my car. 31A593E0-D93E-41B8-86FD-98B050C92016Bro investigating if this is stuck on like a vinyl sticker. Yup.

Truly miserable indeed

So people around me (coworkers, friends) keep saying how I should go back on the dating market and find someone. A few suggested getting back using the online method. So after being pestered on a everyday basis I gave in and decided to try the online dating thing for 48 hrs (ended up being 72 hrs). There was a ton of trashy people I was disgusted by. After lots of filtering I decided to meet up with one of them he was the only one that sounded “normal”, I agreed on an “unconventional date” as he calls it.

The date consisted of a long ass truck ride together to do a 20 min provincial park trail. The conversations were dull and his personality did not compensate for his lack looks and I was peeved at his communication skills. On the day that we were suppose to meet up he never once brought up approximately what time he was coming to meet me. It wasn’t until mid afternoon when I had to bring it up and casucally go “what are you up to? are we still meeting up?”


We went to Misery Bay and much have rather come here by myself without the company.   I politely declined the second date when he ask if I wanted to do a movie night. Gahhhh I’m never doing this to myself again x_X. Someone can find me in real life I’m not going to look.

M’Chigeeng Trail

Spent Saturday exploring a public hiking trail on the First Nations land of M’Chigeeng. This trail was not really well labelled with signage, I almost gave up and turned back around and didn’t find the ultimate look out point where there’s a huge sign that you can see from the Hwy. 30D82174-1BF8-417E-8282-559158564EE7You see there isn’t really a true parking lot at the trail head either. F87A4A5E-C30F-461A-92AD-4A622AA42108This first lookout is Treasure Island Lookout. There’s actually 3 lookout points to the trail and it’s not not just a single straight path. You kind of have to explore and turn off to other trail options. F012649E-F1C5-4D32-8B4D-304F974EC6F9I never bothered to take a picture of the second lookout because it just a view of a ball park. 2CF0815E-2C46-4E73-B294-47282211B4B9The ultimate destination is up to this wannabe Hollywood sign. you can see the highway from here and beyond.

279061F2-2A1F-4BAE-A87D-E9DA953C283CThis also has a cliff ledge! it’s not deadly heights so I can brave this one. I was able to take this using a tripod and a bluetooth camera button.

Beach Tour Day

Was out and about doing some environmental surveys and scouting out some beaches for work today. So I basically took my cereal and milk and ate breakfast in my car while looking out at some views for the morning. I went to 5 beaches in 5 hrs. 0989577D-9DDD-40CE-923D-A5119F5CA94AThis one has deep waters.
854E3F0E-5F92-4156-9312-98F793231725Look at them little cottages… you can tell the water is super clear and clean too. Nice bottom not too rocky. 5587C50F-41F5-4B4C-AFEE-7EC5AE212475This one not so ideal with the rocks. Will need some crocs or water shoes to go in this one.6F863FD3-C7EB-4671-B20C-C60C2878FA8EReally cool rust retired steam powered ferry. The SS Norisle has been retired since 1974.
D1C80893-9678-41DE-9CDD-7E8019C98AF3So fascinating up close 532C9F3D-88F0-45B9-9634-0F472B04A87DI wasn’t lying when I say the water is super clean and clear…I’m pretty sure it’s also super cold and freezing. Need stronger sun to warm at least the shallow end.

Little Current Port

Drives down Main Street and bam! sees huge cruise boat and parking lot all full. Wandered around and took some photos since I was waiting for a tattoo parlour to open for inspection.60743BB7-A966-4297-A556-AFEB3B87D56BI’m really not a fan of this cool rainy weather but upcoming Saturday should be nice and sunny so I’ll definitely be wandering out for some site seeing. C56AAFAF-48F4-44D4-8A26-71E0C58B8754Coworker invited me to join some evening gay pride cruise later in the summer and I can’t decide if I should go or not. hmmm….hmmmm

Planting Season

Got some basil, rosemary and dill. Hopefully I don’t kill any of them and I can do lots of cooking with them. 2D329840-DA5D-4E6A-8FFB-F19966ED7CEF


Plenty of summer hobbies to keep me busy. I do need to find a new workout class though.

Sometimes I think I’m going to turn into a one of those cat lady people becuase I’m so happy just doing my own thing.