Disturbing the Romance

While couples go for long romantic walks by the beach here we are (three crazies) trying out 101 fun photo poses 

10743370_10204144602089172_2140091601_n 10754804_10204144606809290_274035511_n

Adventure Time with ME! Into the Unknown10733412_10204144572368429_1328664197_n

Yep I’m so creative when it comes to photos….Egyptian arms they are indeed10752007_10204141599094099_1065021470_nIMG_3642

All about ma skillz


I am so proud of myself for successfully making naan bread for the first time yesterday. Cheers to Malala and her Nobel prize…no that’s totally not why I attempted South Asian cuisine.

I think its trying to say something ….I need a crab whisperer…look at that frown.

Papa is making me CURRY CRAB!!! (Forget the crab whisperer)IDSC01161DSC01376

I should of been a botanist and start my own nursery… my avocado is making good progress…these things take lots of patience

Part two: and I crashed at waldo’s


Dropped by friends place to stream a movie and borrow his place for some nap time. Good times good times.


This is like some extreme clothing collage…neat looking piece of art

Weird people with glowing polygonal heads chanting away

DSC01286Projected images on to window of a school …it had slow motion sounds.

Nobody Likes You When You’re 23.

yup so true…nothing is working out

"Wait, What?"


It’s true, nobody actually likes you when you’re 23. Here’s a list of uncomfortable things I’ve learned in 1 month of being 23.

  1. You’re too “graduated” for your college friends. Sure it’s great to hang out every once in a while, go out for drinks or run into them at the bar on the weekends, but for the most part, their lives revolve around school, school friends and campus life. Nothing that you’re really welcome to unless it’s an Alumni function. Not to say that you don’t love all your college friends dearly, you just don’t want to be that person that people question if you graduated or not.
  2. You’re not “career” enough for your older friends. By now, most of the older people you know are either in grad school, living the “college friend” life still, or they’re working full time far away from you. I, personally…

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Tell me about yourself

I am a young driven sociopath and my spirit animal is a narwhal.  I could self proclaim to be an some sort of artistic creator but I won’t because I really ain’t no alternative version of Renoir, the only thing I can do on paper that I don’t think you can do better  is my autograph. I believe I am a Gemini but I really might not be one I just like to tell people I am one when asked. To describe myself I would have to  divide myself into 3  personalities …there’s me who says whatever the shit i want without filter, me who is quiet and me  who’s forcing a conversation to talk to whomever so that I seem like a normal person that socializes.  With this many versions of me. i think it’s normal that  I often whisper to myself in a creepy way to sort out all my inner personalities. You might not like me right away but I am competent in doing whatever I want to do and I can promise I’ll grow on you and whom ever you surround me with.

Dear employers that never hired me after the interview stage,

I wondered if I should have given you the above self introduction instead of the so-called typical one you might have heard variations of from the other candidates.

Why the fuck won’t anyone hire me?