Black Friday…underwear necessities?

It’s Black Friday and I really really needed to replenish my bra drawer and get rid of the super old stuff. Victoria Secret was doing a buy get one 50% off so I ended up buying $180 worth of bras which really is just 5 items.

image Adding to my bra bin…gahhhhh time to hand wash so they last longer.



Swedish Meatballs (Svenska Kotbullar)

Tried out a new recipe for lunch today. Swedish meatballs for the win! They actually turned out really well. The recipe threw me off since it said to combine sour cream with beef broth for the sauce ( sounded questionable at first).

The meatballs take a while to make since it’s two step process, you have to cook in a skewer first and then bake it in broth.

Being a Useless Person

Helloo readers…this is how I typically look like at home. Baby girl wants some latte too. This is as real as it gets. There are no jobs to apply for again…ahhhh. Toes belong to my bro. IMG_1465Selfieeeee….might as well test out the quality of my new i phone 6S that I just dropped a good grand on…So expensive…better last me the next decade.IMG_0055

Like any typical asian mother mines told me that if I wasn’t going to be good at anything I should at least practise housewife skills…nope I broke a bowl in half and sliced my hand open while dishwashing. Look at that awkward palm bandaid.image

Thoughts through dog

When things don’t work out hold on and think things through DSC02959 When you still can’t figure it out …destroy with pent up frustration? DSC02960Lately I’ve been considering applying to a organization i’ve previously interned for before but for some reason I have all these contemplations inside of me. I’m almost afraid I would be judged for not be in the position I want to be in and not having what i thought I’d achieve by now.