Eight legged calf and world’s largest silver collection – Weyburn

I went to check out the local museum which has Canada’s largest silver collection. The man that collected this had no wife and I assume has no where else to spend his money other than collect shiny objects like a magpie. IMG_4560He also owned a mutated calf that had 8 legs maybe it was meant to be a Siamese calf. IMG_4617IMG_4619


Castle Butte

The skies are kind a grey and the lighting could be better but I sill managed to capture some of the beauty of the badlands.



Been so busy trying to get everything set up and settled down in my new city that I have neglected to write an update. It’s been two full weeks now that I’ve arrived to Weyburn.
IMG_4497This is a picture of my parents have their last dinner with me before they left me to go back to Toronto. IMG_4443I had a couple days of hotel breakfast during my orientation.IMG_4426A few pictures of the view driving into Saskatchewan. IMG_4425It’s really flat out here and you can see flatness for miles and miles

Warrior Badges

Went snowboarding in Blue Mountain. This is my last outing with my friends before I go on another journey to a far away land to chase my dream job. Big news readers! I am moving to the province of Saskatchewan next!
img_4397Here is a picture of me and my friends. We got a day pass and snowboarded 3pm -9pm…so many hrs!img_4396Night time photo before we left the mountainsimg_4393Tried out a local pizza joint called Pie…I ordered a wrap thats made of thin crust pizza dough and a cauliflower soup. Yummy.img_4398I swear I wore knee pads …but they shifted and I fell on ice. OUCH! Me being me I think bruises are cool and I wear them like a badge with pride.