July beauty buys


Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub – A bit on the pricy side at $20 a tub but the granules are perfect for scrubbing away dead skin. Transformed my problematic scaly legs. I’ll probably end up using this once every one and a half week so it’ll take a while to finish.

Revlon Balm Stain (001 Honey) – Love, love, love. it’s the perfect my lips but better colour non drying, non sticky, not super glossy or matte. This is the perfect everyday colour. Will most definitely repurchase and have back ups for.

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover– Bought this in place for my H2O eye makeup remover that is running low.

The Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturize It– didn’t test it when I bought it might regret it. WTF there’s sparkles! -Turned out useable but won’t be repurchasing.

The Body Shop Sumptuous Cleansing Balm– this is a repurchase cuz I enjoy it so much
imageDirty Girls is a local handmade soap business in North Bay and I came across them at the farmers market. They pride themselves in using environmentally friendly ingredients that are gentle on the skin. I bought these as gifts to friends. I feel like I should have picked up more of the rainbow one as gifts. they were 3 for $10.


Evening sunset swim

Monday was like 30 degrees Celsius so I had to go into the lake for a swim. I’ve never gone swimming in the lake by myself before. I didn’t swim out too far I just floated around for an hr and stared up into the sky and then I sat on the sand dried off enjoying the view.
image image

Meal Making Progress

I’ve have been aiming to create some really simple straight forward meals that can be made within an hr using and reusing the same ingredients I have in the fridge. I find bulk cooking pasta for the week is the easiest way to go. imageTADA! Tuna tomato spaghetti with string beans 
Kale and chicken pasta salad
imageAnother fridge left over pasta salad
imageFusion time! Kimchi Alfredo Pasta. One of my very own creations due to my weird cravings.image Seafood spaghetti image French toast with melted cheese and strawberries 

imageMixed Vegetable Pancake with Squid and Muscles – Attempting some Korean stuff. I skipped making the sauce to go with it.

Knife noodles?!: Kalguksu

My friends told me to buy this and try this Korean homemade styled noodles in baby clam broth. Seriously I looked at the package and was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do with it even with english instructions. I haven’t ever seen noodles in a bag like this and didn’t know what to expect with the inside contents.
DSC02570So the name of this noodle is called kalguksu which literally means knife noodles, they are suppose to be handmade and knife cut instead of spun out like other noodles. Wiki guys I really just googled the package. 
DSC02572This is what the contents look like. Now it actually comes with two bags of everything but no point of picturing double. You get your noodle, sauce and freeze dries vegetables. 
DSC02576This is how everything turned out, all the seaweed actually sank to the bottom so you can’t see any but taste wise it has that true clam flavour (with no actual baby clams). Something I found neat was that after I poured everything in and cooked it for a while the soup base actually became a thicker creamier consistency. What I really like was the texture of the noodles, it’s slippery with a slight chewy-ness. Not a fan of the soup base but really like the noodles.

temporary home

image imageimage
 Look Im making food again and I feel like I have more ideas what to make and feed myself

My first day of work went really well, I don’t think I’ll need to “survive” workimage

We Camp

Went with family to camp for three days at Sandbanks Provincial Park but it ended up being one day since we couldn’t take the rain.DSC02552 Bro with da dog DSC02557 Sand Dunes to the beach ( tons of poison ivy along the way)

DSC02548Sleeping difficulties… stop it Fika.