Manufactured by monks and more

Had a variety of different foods over the weekend, some past favourites and some new things that I decided to try out for the first time.

New things I’ve tried for the first time is this organic cashew butter and strawberry jam…amazing …beats kraft and smuckers by far. The butter smells soo..nutty : ) love at first taste. The second new food is Oka cheese, yay for buying Canadian product. Wiki says it was originally manufactured by trappist monks. Fascinating.

As for the rest of my meals, it consisted of fettacini and baked muscles in a creamy garlic sauce, vietnamese spring rolls and fresh homemade pork dumplings.DSC00569DSC00588DSC00593













Colour me happy

I picked up an i pad mini box as it was about to be thrown out as garbage and I figured I could make use of the pretty matte white box. Ended up taking it to my room and putting my expanding nail polish collection into it.DSC00463I have this nice bouquet of dried flowers my mom got me back in the summer time and …I don’t really know where to put it. 


Banana Coffee and more Banana Coffee

DSC00446 DSC00417 DSC00434DSC00449

I was drinking the red ginseng tea my friend Melody got me but then I randomly started making banana coffee for breakfast, it’s like my go- to two in one and I love it because I can skip putting cream and sugar into my coffee and it’s satisfyingly sweet.

DSC00399 DSC00406

I borrowed a kindle and started reading hunger games. I finished the first book and I’m 30% done reading the second book but for now I’ve returned the kindle.

Look at my computer T_T …hence it’s making blogging rather difficult. The screen got smashed after my laptop fell off my bed. I only have half a diagonal screen to work with, very inconvenient. I now have it plugged to a crappy fuzzy monitor. Bummer and my pc is still infected with a virus. Makeshift computer until I find a replacement/ fix.