To be sand

Someone once asked me if I could be any element on earth what would I be and I said a strong majestic tree and when I asked him the same question in return he said sand. I didn’t understand him, sand to me was very plain and I couldn’t admire the characteristic of sand. dsc04297But then he told me that glass was made of sand, beautiful glass. dsc04298He was right. He opened my eyes to new perspectives. He showed me things and thoughts I never thought of.dsc04301He said that when he becomes god and we’re living on clouds he will grow me a glass tree. Together we will be majestic, strong and beautiful.dsc04304Today this Chihuly exhibition reminded me of those silly childish dream and fantasies we once shared together. dsc04312The beauty of sand coming to life. The free, creative and wise mind I admire. dsc04316I hope that one day I can be as inspirational and eye opening to someone else as he was to me. dsc04318Just because were adults, it doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming, fantasizing, losing creativity through social conformity.

dsc04322Despite that  I can’t share this dream moment with the influential person in my memories… dsc04326Today I got to go see this exhibition with my boyfriend and I hope that one day we can dream seemingly impossible dreams together too and be able to witness it come to life together.


Happy Holidays

Nothing like grilling meat. My house smelled like intense BBQ after the meal. Thank goodness my housemate closed my bedroom door in advance so our rooms/ clothes didn’t soak up the smell.img_4018img_4020img_4021