Dollar store bling for mermaid boobs

Perhaps I should switch careers and become a bra designer now. I didn’t want to throw out my worn out bra so I made it into a mermaid top by going nuts with dollar store bling. IMG_0286

I  even dyed the lace with purple hair dye and sewed it in myself. I only ended up following half of my originally sketch. DSC03120

I struggled with evenly placing the pearls to make it look like a sea shell…whatever. DSC03121

Now that I’m done I dunno what to do with it. Maybe I should add even more bling to it. It could be more purple.


Miniature pony and dream house

image This is my miniature pony

imageI really like the look of this house …pretty, there’s just something about it

imageHerding mommy’s friends together for her

imageThis lookout point into Toronto’s skyline is known to be a prime make out spot…read it on the internet somewhere. Thank god there’s no one here making out.
imageMe and my friends hiking on a Toronto trail imageBaby girl is tying my friend up with her leash. Aye -__-

Huge Annoncement

I am happy to announce that after more than a year of unemployment, falling into depression, doing 2 practicums and having almost gave up after failing two national examinations I have finally made it! Officially a Canadian Certified Public Health Inspector!!!

DSC03070I decided to take a new LinkedIn profile picture.

Honestly speaking when I received the email with my results in it last night I was afraid to open it since I did walk out of that exam in tears. I guess I proved myself in front of the judging panel after all. This has been  one of the biggest hurdle in my life so far. When I graduated in 2013 I really didn’t expect that I would go through such a struggle.

It’s time for me to get a real job now that I’ve secured my new title.