I’ve been wanting to dye the ends of my hair purple so my mom actually bought me the stuff to get it done at home as my birthday gift



This is the Tuna Tataki Appetizer at Hana Bi one of my favourite Japanese restaurant. One word. AMAZING


This platter is a combination of three order, we were all a bit confused when it came cuz we were expecting three dishes not this one giant plate. On this plate there is: “The fire” , “The HanaBi” and the 30 piece “Love Boat”. Really it was all shishimi at it’s finest.



My dad picked out a white forest cake for me and yes I had to put as many candles as my age.

Can’t wait till tomorrow when it’s my actual birthday. I’m sure it’s going to be great even though my mom is working and I have a job interview. Let  hope my wish comes true.




I finally stopped burning eggs on the stove top and getting crap stuck on the skillet. I don’t use a non stick pan so it takes a bit more patience and skills. I know I’ve made one of these rice omelette post way back on my xanga but hey it doesn’t hurt to throw another one on here now that I’ve rediscovered my omelette skills again.

Summa time grillin with seafood

DSC00886 DSC00887 DSC00890

Look at all my prep work rolling bacon around scallops, marinating salmon and buttering up lobster.

Got the charcoal burning and it’s all barbecuing  nicely : D


Last but not least here’s me enjoying ma corn

Have a fabulous weekend people!

The Experience: Chili Cheese Nachos

HPIM2828The only time I don’t have an issue eating fast food is when I’m travelling out of town. Me and my Wendy’s Chili Cheese Nachos hanging out at the back of the car. When I watched them pour the cheese over the nachos I was honestly disgusted but when I ate it, it was a whole different matter. I would consider myself a health freak but definitely not a hardcore one. My friend is still working on our fast food  may sound crazy to some but I only had my first ever Harvey’s burger last year.