Eat the Rainbow

What can I say I really really like colour in my food. 1D48D87B-E54E-42F8-B6D0-8B89535F9F71Shrimp and avocado salad – I keep ordering this every time I visit The Flats Eatery in Estevan. I’ve tried their sandwiches and burgers but this always appeals to me the most. Plus its cheaper than the non-filling salads at Original Joes. Work is totally going to judge me for claiming $30 for a single lunch meal expense for last week x_x 0B61D18B-D590-4248-8C9B-03CA892ACC36I bring colour into my own meals at home : ) I saw radishes and got excited at the grocery store.

6D5DA0DE-17EA-4F27-9F59-B6F991F43D1CHow my rice bowl is actually consumed when I get over the 30 sec photo op and presentation.


2 thoughts on “Eat the Rainbow

  1. Hmm, $30 for a business lunch is still within reason. Restaurant lunch meals are typically in the high teens/mid $20’s, add a drink for ~$5 and/or an appetizer/dessert plus the tip and you’d easily in the $30’s. =) A good meal is the least they can do for making you travel to the boonies. =)

    I usually make my salads with lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, and green or rep peppers. I never thought about including beans or corn- you gave me some new ideas. =) Is the corn from the cob and cooked or canned? I can’t identify one of of the green things in your dish- is it guac? Also, are the whitish slivers cabbage?

    • Haha thanks for making me feel better by justifying my lunch claim for me. It just felt ridiculous to spent $30 on soup and salad at Original Joes where the portions are small and there’s only two tiny cubes of avocado on my salad.

      I think the beans and corn is Mexican inspired. Corn is canned…my first time buying canned corned actually, I usually get them frozen or on cob but I’ve discovered canned is just as good and more convenient. The green thing is avocado 🙂 I just scooped a quarter of an avo and as for the slivers that’s actually mozzarella cheese hehe. I love cheese. Glad that Im giving you ideas. I need some ideas myself too.

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