I try chunky toast

I’ve been quite curious about what a “brick toast” is having seen quite a few pictures of them and seen my friend order it at a cafe so I decided to order one and try it. I thought It was just some extra thick piece of toast and it was… with a crispy sweet outside. I really dunno the origin of this one (somewhere in east aisa??)….good as a  snack item though, especially if your craving something light and sweet.



Thought I’d make some Czech food …Sekana aka meatloaf lol + cauliflower soup ( minus the soup in this picture)

Here is my homemade chicken burger with spinach, monterey jack cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions that I made for lunch. I am happy : )

why not being red matters

I am having a product purchase  issue that makes me sound like an insane nutcase…I hold this phone case in my hands and it looks florescent coral pink, I take a picture of it and it looks carrot orange, the seller described it to me as watermelon red but what  I expected in the mail was straight up primary colour red.

imageSo now I’m staring at it like this….phone case disappointmentdebating if by giving it some time the color will eventually look aesthetically pleasing to me.

Why do I care about the  colour of a mere phone case? BECAUSE I’m going to be touching it, looking at it and interact using it on a everyday basis. So it may or may not aesthetically bother me.

Lazy restocking

Found myself unconsciously  slipping new products into my bathroom late autumn early winter and I’m usually a person of routine that doesn’t budge after I got the staples down. The change was mainly due to me trying to finding cheap good things using the laziest method …not having to go to the store (50% of my bathroom items were not purchased in-store). Some of them a hit and some of them a real miss.image
St Ives Timeless Skin Mineral Clay Mask– Such a good staple,I used this once a week/two weeks and its lasted me over a year. It not super special or magical (just clay) but it’s most definitely has become a staple for an extra deep clean after extracting the shit out of my clogged up pores. There’s a noticeable difference in the way my skin feels after use.

HolikaHolika Aqua Petite Jelly BB cream shade no.1– I bought this after reading dozens of raved reviews. This is by far the worst online purchase I’ve made. This product does not blend and looks dry and patchy as f—k and I can literally see the pigments sitting on my skin.

H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment – Two words, so tacky. Gel like stuff that leaves you sticky…half an hour later and you’ll still be sticky/tacky. It doesn’t absorb fast enough for me hence it’s far from instant relief for those with dry-ish skin. Marine Botanical my ass. Plumping though.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter– Hallelujah! Words can not express my amazement. So incredibly clean and gentle, this stuff is da bomb! It takes off all traces of makeup with out stripping your skin. Still got to follow up with a cleanser though. Will be restocking more when on sale.

The Face Shop 365 Herb Day Cleansing Foam Olive – This particular line of cleansers in general stings the eyes like a bitch if you get the slightest bit in your eye during the rinsing process. Though if you like extreme foamy-ness and that squeaky clean feeling you’ll like this, a tiny pea size can create sooo much foam. I don’t care for this product. Olive is more gentle than Aloe though just a fyi.

The Face Shop: Lovely ME:EX I’m Shea Butter Lip Care Cream– This is my love. I have annoying painful eczema on my lips and this works. It’s also has the perfect consistency, it’s thick on the lips and has a bit of tackiness that allows it to stay on the lips for a long time so reapplication is not necessary. I don’t feel like I have to throw this in my purse…that’s how good the lasting moisture power is.