serious about burgers

Burger building is something I take quite seriously into perfecting when I comes to making one for myself. I don’t like iceberg lettuce it has to be green lettuce, I like my tomatoes red not red-ish, patty made of lean ground beef and mushrooms and onions sautéed. A squirt of ketchup and cheese is a must too. DSC02748


20 km lost

I got lost trying to find the destination i was looking for and I ended up finding this beautiful lake by mistake. DSC02675DSC02679

Lines and Chaos

Even though this isn’t a vibrant piece of street art I’m attracted to it because of the details and the line work, simple and focused, the white space also gives it balance. Skulls are not easy to draw and whoever did this piece did an amazing job. This piece caught my eye.

House on Cassell home in north bay is quite a piece of work. I think it’s amazing and I love it. I would be horrified the interior matched the exterior though. I sure hope the hoarder vibe is only on the exterior.