Winter Stations

Never really thought about going to the beach during the winter until I found this exhibition. They designed installations built around lifeguard stations…how interesting. I’m always especially fond of interactive art pieces. DSC03238.jpg     Here is a picture of my mystery man who came with meDSC03212This one is called Bear Belly. It’s a giant wooden sphere you can go inside of and the interior is all lined with fur.DSC03218Very Cozy inside the Bear Belly.DSC03222This one is called Flow, it’s all interlocked pieces of wood. From afar I think it looks like a pile of starfishes. Visually cool but it’s not interactive nor kept me warm like the other ones. DSC03229What does this look like to you? Inside out canoe?DSC03235This one reminds me of the social bench in New York because of the curved bench concept.