My sad getaway

Did a weekend trip 3 hrs north to Bruce Peninsula National Park. It was too cold for a hike, the hiking trails were all ice. I’ll probably come back in the summer for a full exploration but for now taking a few pictures is good enough.image

This isn’t my first time here, my parents took me here back in grade school for a family trip but it is my first time here with a group of strangers.


Here’s the one person I know … I felt incredibly out of place for all other group photos and just wished I could disappear and hide. imageI was actually feeling quite miserable during these photos, I was cold and with a group of strangers, I couldn’t help but to wonder how fun it would have been if I went with my own friends. image

Despite the beautiful cottage we stayed at and the nice scenery this was quite a miserable road trip for me. Introverted me was so exhausted that I didn’t even want to crack a smile no more.

As I’ve always believed, experiences are created not found.


Winter favourites

Once in a blue moon I change up my routine and as of recently I went into an all drugstore products phase. Under $30 everyday face. I’ve been using this stuff all winter long and have been very satisfied with it.

Keeping things minimal and at noob artistry level:

Rimmel Wake me Up foundation– True Ivory – Really good medium coverage foundation, a little goes a long way with this as it spreads like butter, the consistency is more on the thick side so it works best with finger application. No dry skin cakey look in the winter AND it withstood the “bite your face off” winds for the last 3 months.

Maybelline The Falsies – Good length and volume but noticeable smudging start around the 5-6 hour mark. 10 hrs of wear and there’s something  noticeably dreadful happening.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner – Perfect for upper lid eye lining and doing cat eyes. Absolutely horrendous and irritating for tightening ( seriously don’t try it). Won’t be able to maintain clean crisp line by 5-6 hr mark as it does smudge transfer and fade a bit, you’ll still look good just not fresh at that point.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer -021 Sunlight– A perfectly cheap all matte bronzer for warming up the face / noob-cake contouring. Prevention of the vampire look.