My Going away dinner at petit potato

Super cute utensils and tableware. img_4375Me just sending photos of my dessert and making ppl jellyimg_4401img_4402We all are pretty into omuriceimg_4403I got the eel omurice.img_4377Basically eating a mountain of sweet toast covered in ice-cream.


MJM: My Japanese Model

Well here he is…my submission for Next Top Model looking fierce. Pretty sure he was burning under the yakata seeing how hot it was. He even has the wooden flip flops. Got that pose down. DSC03802Miniature display of olden day Japanese village
DSC03809Goofy expression on pointDSC03811On of the vendors were selling yukatas and they come in baby size too. SO KAWAIII!
DSC03814Ladies getting ready for a traditional dance performace DSC03815It is totally inappropriate to sneak a picture of others but ummm ….it’s a Cross dress lolita
DSC03817DSC03822Kids are so cute in they’re get up. DSC03827Taiko drummer in action DSC03828DSC03836

June summary

Regular old me doing my thing at walmart …I FOUND A PONY !!
imageI’ve been wanting to go to a painting cafe for a while and by for a while I mean 3 plus years.  Like my painting of the moon (right hand side)?imageI pulled out the long lost water floaty for the beach. This thing is suppose to work for water and snow. I got to test out the snow function in the winter.
imageThis is lake Simcoe, I got three shades darker from tanning here.imageI bought tickets to watch the Canada VS Italy rugby game. This is a pic of them warming up. Disappointed that they lost. imageMe at Taste of Asia a local food festival. I got a full grilled squid on that stick. Soon good. imageJust because…. my friend had an egg case and a chicken plushieimageRegular  Korean food outing with my two friends
imageStumbled upon an art gallery as I was waiting for someone while they were taking their bio  break.imagePeople doing tricks on their bikes at Strawberry Festival
imageHiking on Seaton trail in pickering. The trail was so unmaintained and narrow. Wearing shorts was a bad idea…da bugs x_x.
imageMy dog is learning to driveimageShe is learning to drive a good looking sports car. LOOOOL

Royal Ontario Museum

I haven’t been to the ROM since fifth grade and to get to go as an adult and enjoy the exhibits with booze in one hand is all the more fun. Here is a picture of me at Ethiopian House getting dinner before my fun museum night. image

Sea turtle…the cool factor is self explainable why I wanted a photo of itimageMoose! Moose! I can’t imagine seeing one of these live. I mean they are the most dangerous creatures seeing that they are large and unintellectual.imageTesting out some bat wings imageWe just had to get a selfie with the bear image

Done with Katz

I went to check out Toronto’s first cat cafe and it really wasn’t as fun as I thought I would be. I had higher expectations for these kitties. The admission to the kitty area was that you had to spend min $5/ person in food/drinks, rather limited for me cuz I don’t do caffeine. I ended up getting an apple cider and a slice of cheese cake.imageThis orangey black ass-hole bit my finger imageHere is a grumpy cat the staff warned us about. Doesn’t like to be pet so I don’t know what that human there is doing…imageIn conclusion cat cafes are a good concept but I’m not into them. Lazy, finger biting feline with attitudes.

Doors Open: Aga Khan – Islamic/ Iranian/ Muslim Art

Spent a fun afternoon at Aga Khan a museum for Islamic art in Toronto. DSC03793The structure of the museum is very clean, crisp and white making it a very popular place for people to photograph themselves for instagram.DSC03794Look at this bling, gold, diamonds, and emeralds definitely not missing any precious stones.DSC03775There’s a lot of displays of glass, ceramic and brass bowls, plates and decantersDSC03779DSC03740DSC03752Just me looking at some jugsDSC03755Found a little quiet book section DSC03780

Smokey meat smokey meat

So I saw this restaurant on the Food Network while watching TV over at my bf’s place and decided we had to go try it. Just because it was so raved about…”ITS ON TV WE HAVE TO TRY IT!” moment and so we went to Caplansky’s Deli. It’s a jewish deli place.
imageThis is the Knish it is a puff pastry stuffed with smoked meat, potatoes and spices…I’ve never had anything like it before but the first thing that came into mind was home comfort food. Something like a wonderful granny would make. imageHere is the main I ordered, which is their ever so popular Reubenesque sandwich imageSmokey meat goodnessimageAs per usual I always love photographing graffiti while I’m in Toronto imageLook! Piggies!