Mediocre days

Seafood pie in Collingwood
imagePointless trip to Tobermory again and again with strangers. Fuck it Im not going on anymore stupid trips with strangers. I hate poor planning and indecisive plans it irritates me. Sat in a car for two hrs just to eat fish and chips.
imageScenic caves hiking

imageimageGot to do some zip lining while I was there

imageCollingwood was okay but I think I’m so done with going on group trips with him. I don’t like going on trips with large groups of indecisive poorly planned strangers where I have to wait around. What can I say, I’m not very flexible when it comes to chilling.


My sad getaway

Did a weekend trip 3 hrs north to Bruce Peninsula National Park. It was too cold for a hike, the hiking trails were all ice. I’ll probably come back in the summer for a full exploration but for now taking a few pictures is good enough.image

This isn’t my first time here, my parents took me here back in grade school for a family trip but it is my first time here with a group of strangers.


Here’s the one person I know … I felt incredibly out of place for all other group photos and just wished I could disappear and hide. imageI was actually feeling quite miserable during these photos, I was cold and with a group of strangers, I couldn’t help but to wonder how fun it would have been if I went with my own friends. image

Despite the beautiful cottage we stayed at and the nice scenery this was quite a miserable road trip for me. Introverted me was so exhausted that I didn’t even want to crack a smile no more.

As I’ve always believed, experiences are created not found.