Royal Ontario Museum

I haven’t been to the ROM since fifth grade and to get to go as an adult and enjoy the exhibits with booze in one hand is all the more fun. Here is a picture of me at Ethiopian House getting dinner before my fun museum night. image

Sea turtle…the cool factor is self explainable why I wanted a photo of itimageMoose! Moose! I can’t imagine seeing one of these live. I mean they are the most dangerous creatures seeing that they are large and unintellectual.imageTesting out some bat wings imageWe just had to get a selfie with the bear image


Doors Open: Aga Khan – Islamic/ Iranian/ Muslim Art

Spent a fun afternoon at Aga Khan a museum for Islamic art in Toronto. DSC03793The structure of the museum is very clean, crisp and white making it a very popular place for people to photograph themselves for instagram.DSC03794Look at this bling, gold, diamonds, and emeralds definitely not missing any precious stones.DSC03775There’s a lot of displays of glass, ceramic and brass bowls, plates and decantersDSC03779DSC03740DSC03752Just me looking at some jugsDSC03755Found a little quiet book section DSC03780

Dinosaur heaven + taxidermy zoo = AMNH

The American Museum of Natural History is one of my favourite museums out of my NYC trip. In my opinion Just skip the entire museum and head straight to the dinosaurs on the fourth floor, the rest of the museum is like a taxidermy zoo …okay maybe not the space part which is architecturally nice to photograph. DSC02069 DSC02165 DSC02077DSC02067DSC02182