Worms with wings plus Malaysian crawlies

This is a live Malaysian walking stick, it is —-HUGE! I love the colouring of it but it also looks creepy. Yes I touched it and no that’s not my hand in the picture. Good to know it’s a herbivore. DSC02819 So it’s my very first time walking into a butterfly observatory and I had to take a moment before entering because I just realized how freaky butterflies really are. It’s not just an insect …it’s a flying insect with big ass wings plus your also factoring in that it’s not one but a whole room of flying insects. DSC02837 Never seen real pupa so the first thing I though of was that they resemble a pokemon DSC02838The butterfly observatory is really another one of those places where I’ve been wanting to go as a kid but never gotten the chance. There was no hell way my mother was going to take me to a butterfly observatory, she’s totally freaked out by butterflies and now I understand way because I’m sort of freaked out by them too.
DSC02839 These brown spotted ones are massive, they were like palm sized and the insect portions was like a chubby worm? No I would not want that to land on me. DSC02840Now that I’ve seen butterflies close up I don’t understand why it would be a common image that people would get a tattoo of, isn’t there something else say less creepy that symbolizes freedom and metamorphosis? I think books beautify butterflies too much for kids, not that that’s a bad thing.


Dynamic Earth: Big Nickel

In grade 1 I had a map of Canada that indicated all the famous tourist attractions through the provinces and I have always wanted to go see the Big Nickel that was indicated on the map, well I finally bought my self a tripod and drove myself there to see it. After doing this I can’t wait to turn more of my “wants” into reality.DSC02805 DSC02811

I can’t post this on Facebook my first name already gets made fun of..Penny on Penny someone’s bound to make more corny tiring jokes.DSC02810 DSC02817