Shabu shabu and Parisian desserts

Despite that Im Chinese I’ve never had hot pot outside of home before so this was my first restaurant hot pot experience. This is the Korean version of hot pot aka shabu shabu. It’s a lot more vegetable and a lot less meat than say Chinese hotpot. At the end of the hotpot the remainder of the stew gets eaten with noodles and congee. OMGGG Korean congee is so good.  imageimageYou cook I eat om nom nom. Keep tossing stuff in my friend. imageimageThis is a giant mandu. King sized dumpling the size of a fist.imageWe went to L’opera a Parisian dessert place and I got the funny coloured cake. Almond Raspberry Pistachio. All their cakes had a really real fruit flavour.
imageHere is the inside of my cake. You can see the pistachio creme.

imageimage    image


More more more!

Kind of went all out on dessert. This is way too much dessert for three people. This taiwanese dessert place named Mabu Station has a very very extensive dessert menu. I walked in and the server spoke to me in mandarin I gave her the clueless look and she still only spoke mandarin -___- oh well
imageThis is the dessert I ordered, its grass jelly with coconut milk and a bunch of topping which includes, sweet potato, sweet peanut, red bean, barley. x_X don’t like it but at least I gave it a try.image

Here is me assembling my dessert bowl together imageCoconut Marshmallow Brick Toast

imageHere is some kind go mixed fruit toastimage

This little piggy ate a lot

My friends too me to eat at Shabul and Conbul. I learned that Congbul is basically bean sprout + thinly sliced meat with sauce that cooks right in front of you on a table gas stove and the waiter comes by the table and stirs it around on occasion. The flavor is quite wonderful and I especially like having rice cakes in it. imageCheck out this seafood pancake… god the chunks of octopus tentacles are so good and you know how octopus can be awfully chewy if not done right …this was definitely done perfectly. This was the size of a pizza. I’d choose this over pizza any day.

After dinner we went to Hi Tea for dessert. OMG look at this monster waffle + ice cream + mixed fruit. Yeah even with three people working on it  we couldn’t clean the plate.

Another dessert …a sweet warm soup like one with tapioca. I’ve never really been a fan of this type of dessert but it was good.

I ordered a black sesame slush with ice cream. I loved it.imageYes I was incredibly stuffed, happy and had wayyyy too much sugar in my system for the night.image