More more more!

Kind of went all out on dessert. This is way too much dessert for three people. This taiwanese dessert place named Mabu Station has a very very extensive dessert menu. I walked in and the server spoke to me in mandarin I gave her the clueless look and she still only spoke mandarin -___- oh well
imageThis is the dessert I ordered, its grass jelly with coconut milk and a bunch of topping which includes, sweet potato, sweet peanut, red bean, barley. x_X don’t like it but at least I gave it a try.image

Here is me assembling my dessert bowl together imageCoconut Marshmallow Brick Toast

imageHere is some kind go mixed fruit toastimage


I try chunky toast

I’ve been quite curious about what a “brick toast” is having seen quite a few pictures of them and seen my friend order it at a cafe so I decided to order one and try it. I thought It was just some extra thick piece of toast and it was… with a crispy sweet outside. I really dunno the origin of this one (somewhere in east aisa??)….good as a ¬†snack item though, especially if your craving something light and sweet.



Thought I’d make some Czech food …Sekana aka meatloaf lol + cauliflower soup ( minus the soup in this picture)

Here is my homemade chicken burger with spinach, monterey jack cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions that I made for lunch. I am happy : )