June summary

Regular old me doing my thing at walmart …I FOUND A PONY !!
imageI’ve been wanting to go to a painting cafe for a while and by for a while I mean 3 plus years.  Like my painting of the moon (right hand side)?imageI pulled out the long lost water floaty for the beach. This thing is suppose to work for water and snow. I got to test out the snow function in the winter.
imageThis is lake Simcoe, I got three shades darker from tanning here.imageI bought tickets to watch the Canada VS Italy rugby game. This is a pic of them warming up. Disappointed that they lost. imageMe at Taste of Asia a local food festival. I got a full grilled squid on that stick. Soon good. imageJust because…. my friend had an egg case and a chicken plushieimageRegular  Korean food outing with my two friends
imageStumbled upon an art gallery as I was waiting for someone while they were taking their bio  break.imagePeople doing tricks on their bikes at Strawberry Festival
imageHiking on Seaton trail in pickering. The trail was so unmaintained and narrow. Wearing shorts was a bad idea…da bugs x_x.
imageMy dog is learning to driveimageShe is learning to drive a good looking sports car. LOOOOL


Doors Open: Aga Khan – Islamic/ Iranian/ Muslim Art

Spent a fun afternoon at Aga Khan a museum for Islamic art in Toronto. DSC03793The structure of the museum is very clean, crisp and white making it a very popular place for people to photograph themselves for instagram.DSC03794Look at this bling, gold, diamonds, and emeralds definitely not missing any precious stones.DSC03775There’s a lot of displays of glass, ceramic and brass bowls, plates and decantersDSC03779DSC03740DSC03752Just me looking at some jugsDSC03755Found a little quiet book section DSC03780

Winter Stations

Never really thought about going to the beach during the winter until I found this exhibition. They designed installations built around lifeguard stations…how interesting. I’m always especially fond of interactive art pieces. DSC03238.jpg     Here is a picture of my mystery man who came with meDSC03212This one is called Bear Belly. It’s a giant wooden sphere you can go inside of and the interior is all lined with fur.DSC03218Very Cozy inside the Bear Belly.DSC03222This one is called Flow, it’s all interlocked pieces of wood. From afar I think it looks like a pile of starfishes. Visually cool but it’s not interactive nor kept me warm like the other ones. DSC03229What does this look like to you? Inside out canoe?DSC03235This one reminds me of the social bench in New York because of the curved bench concept.

Lines and Chaos

Even though this isn’t a vibrant piece of street art I’m attracted to it because of the details and the line work, simple and focused, the white space also gives it balance. Skulls are not easy to draw and whoever did this piece did an amazing job. This piece caught my eye.

House on Cassell home in north bay is quite a piece of work. I think it’s amazing and I love it. I would be horrified the interior matched the exterior though. I sure hope the hoarder vibe is only on the exterior.