cooking with the thinking cap on

To think outside of the box for someone else is a nice challenge. Whenever I cook it’s always been a free for all and I cook according to what my heart feels like knowing that my family will eat it regardlessly. This week I did a very different take on the classic quiche I usually make for my family. The person I was making it for basically discriminates against 90% of coloured vegetables so I had to put my thinking cap on. I made a seafood quiche with canned salmon, canned crab meat, shrimp and spinach. It turned out really well.
38FE439F-62E9-47B0-8F5B-9F6CDE7415B4I think I got to feel what mom goes through when she needs to cook dinner dishes that would please both me, my brother and my dad’s picky-ness of not eating/ liking certain foods. It does put a slight challenge and twist to things and it makes you think of an alternative.  I can now see why she would get fed up with cooking for us by the end of the week.

4E131DFD-B443-4185-88D2-D101D0974082.jpegIn anticipation for spring I have started growing some spring onions and basil in a Ragu pasta sauce jar in my bedroom. It would be nice to grow a few jars of things. I miss planting and gardening. My parents probably already have a head start on sowing seeds for their french herb garden by this time of the year.


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