Happy Nun and More

In the little town of Forget, Saskatchewan where the population is a mere 100. There sits this little gem of a restaurant called the Happy Nun Cafe. This place is filled with books,  art and crafts done by local artists. It is a place where musicians stop to perform live music. The restaurant is filled with historical pieces that were originally from the town and each of the previous owners have written their own love story associated with the restaurant and how they have come to continue and take on the business.A834C6E3-05E8-4778-8006-B4F37CC0118B

I love the vibe of the restaurant as it is bright, clean and is has a country hip vibe where it makes you feel instantly cozy. AFC4C8BF-5D38-42D6-B887-6FE2BD247CF3The menu at this place is ever changing, the cook comes up with a new menu every week so it’s always a delightful and delicious surprise. 54EBB6CA-B9F1-4E82-A22C-F14F94BB5B26

Greek Steak Wrap: New York Steak, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta with Greek yogurt. Soup: Tequila Spiked Chicken

F5159FF6-DCB6-4571-8648-20965526E7C5This may look like a drink since it is in a teacup but it’s actually a dessert. The menu description of it is:Muddy Cherry Trifle – A deliciously sweet treat! Layers of French fudge cake, black cherry sauce, fresh whip and shaved dark chocolate.

6FB0CD6D-47AA-4750-832E-D0375D24342AIt’s been a while since I’ve taken some time in the kitchen but I might be getting back at it. I made a quadruple layered pancake cake topped with strawberry and greek yogurt.


2 thoughts on “Happy Nun and More

  1. Food definitely looks good! Your pancake creation looks yummy- never had pancakes with yogurt- how was it? Did you add any syrup? Hey I noticed “security clearance” is needed for one of your posts…very “x-files” of you, haha! =)

    • Funny enough I failed at making pancakes using box mix for the past 3 months…my failure pancakes had the colouring and thickness of burger patties. In my head yogurt is healthier than whipped cream.

      Unlocked 🙂 I wanted to sit on it for a while and see if I still feel the same way about that story post.

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