The road less travelled

Hello— it’s been a while. I haven’t really done much over the summer. I live in a very bland place with very bland food. It’s incredibly different from the suburban lifestyle I’m used to and the diversity and vibrancy of Toronto that I was once part of. DSC04418Even the blandest places have it’s beauty and hidden gems. Though I may only see one other car every hour on the road. I appreciate the few people that are out here. Passing drivers always wave at each other and are ready to assist and help a stranger in need. DSC04407I wish I could climb this and go through the tunnels inside that natural phenomenon. But I don’t have my Boy here to give me a boost with the climbing. DSC04415For those of you that know me, I’m a pretty competent climber and I’ve done quite a number of solo hikes back in Ontario but this one is a no go because some of the spots are very crumbly. IMG_5306

Saskatoon Pie anyone? I want to bring a few pies back for my family when I go home for a visit in October for Thanksgiving.


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