Farm fairs are so my thing

I went to the Royal Agricultural fair on Saturday, it’s basically an agricultural fair. I love seeing livestock and baby farm animals! I get excited at the idea even before reaching the destination. img_3609I want to pet everything despite having allergies to their fur.img_3610img_3611Real groomed live cow buttts
img_3614img_3622Piglets ❤ soooo cute eeeekkkk…oink oink. Look at them all piled up.img_3624img_3632That’s one heavy ass maybe pumpkin carriages aren’t unrealistic in Cinderella
img_3634img_3635Nothing more artistic and cool than a life size anatomically correct sculpture of a horse. img_3604My boyfriend took me out to eat at Captain’s Boil after the fair to celebrate our nine months together. Sorry I ate all of the crab, lobster and clams before I took a proper picture.img_3639Eating takes priority …at least you can how much seafood I ate. YUMMmm

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