Something between a chubby and adventure?! I’ve been exploring a lot of new foods lately. Lots of new East Asian foods.imageHere is a Japanese rice bowl I had, not sure how I feel about those larger roe fish egg things. It has a stronger ocean-y taste. imageimageIsn’t this the cutest turtle bun ever?! The whole shell is sugary. imageI recently got introduced to Korean cold noodles. Works well with the 30C weather. So refreshing!imageMore Japanese rice bowls but I wasn’t a big fan of these. Presentation looks great but flavours are too bold and all over the place for me. imageI went to another Asian food festival but this time it was in Toronto. This Gushi chicken was so good.imageThis is sticky rice wrapped around a sausage with pickled veggiesimageRemember that photo I had of a squid on a stick…this is a squid on a stick without the tentacles imageMy very first stinky tofu experience…smell bad but didn’t taste bad at all. Basically fried tofu with sauce.imageMy friends were on the hunt for some lamb skewers imageShaved ice … everything was basically sold out and this dessert was so water down.imageEnded off my night with lamb skewers. Didn’t like them. Dry and spicy isn’t my thing. image


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