Done with Katz

I went to check out Toronto’s first cat cafe and it really wasn’t as fun as I thought I would be. I had higher expectations for these kitties. The admission to the kitty area was that you had to spend min $5/ person in food/drinks, rather limited for me cuz I don’t do caffeine. I ended up getting an apple cider and a slice of cheese cake.imageThis orangey black ass-hole bit my finger imageHere is a grumpy cat the staff warned us about. Doesn’t like to be pet so I don’t know what that human there is doing…imageIn conclusion cat cafes are a good concept but I’m not into them. Lazy, finger biting feline with attitudes.


2 thoughts on “Done with Katz

  1. Haha, these folks are clearly noobs and don’t know how to run the business. Cat’s, like most intelligent animals, have distinct personalities and for a cafe, you certainly want extroverted cats that love and seek attention rather than introverted ones.

    Imagine if you were not in a greeting mood and your parents/friends kept inviting over people to talk or flirt with you. After a while you’d be biting people too. =)

    These folks clearly just thought they could gather up just any cats and it would work out. It would be like a store or restaurant putting just a random pick of greeters at the entrance, and some were quiet and surly and snapped at customers. Bad business!

    They should only be using crowd friendly cats. If the place was decently run, the cats would be approaching you looking to be cuddled, and the ones who needed a break would be placed away from people so they could recharge.

    • ouuuu thanks for the insight on cat behaviour. Yeah I thought my experience with cats at an animal shelter was better than this cafe. Got to find the right cats for the job.

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