Friday/Saturday business

So I came back to the hospital to do a test on the treadmill so they can checkout my heart rate. It’s called a stress test and man was my bod stressed….the machine increased running speed and incline every 3 mins. I broke a sweat and got dizzy. They better have gotten a really good read on my heart cuz that was a lot of work.imageMy bf took a half day off for taking me to my appointment and we got breakfast afterwards since my appointment was at 8am and I was finished by 9am.

On Saturday I went to the a pet store that specializes in aquatic pets. Honestly, it was better than going to the aquarium. They even had a shark! It was a good date idea.

imageI found a puffer fish ….so cool!imageHelllloooo fishy!imageThen there was the reptile section where I saw them get fed bright green juicy worms…grosssssssimage

I ended up buying Fika a harness and a XXL Kong at the pet storeimageimageI feel like I have neglected buns cuz Fika steals all my attention so I made him a gourmet  salad to make up for lately. imageSince I got doctor’s order that I can’t drive, my friend came all the way to my hood to see me and she does not live close….I feel special.image


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