My heart took me to the ER

Feels like hell every couple of hours. I have hyperventilated, blacked out, scrapped myself up from falling and my head is throbbing like a $%^&*(_)(*&^ and here I am making up a fake story for the doctor because my mother is at the ER with me and I don’t want to reveal that I snuck out to my bf place late last night. I planned on getting home in the morning until I fainted in his garage. I manage to drag myself back to my place and make it seem like the accident happened at my parents house and that I didn’t sneak out. Even though I’ve got everything covered…I am in so much physical pain and discomfort right now.image

The Docs suspect I have a cardiac problem…heart is beating not like the 24 year old heart it’s suppose to be.image

Now I truly see how my heart is such a vital organ and how when it’s not functioning properly everything else in my body is chaos.


2 thoughts on “My heart took me to the ER

  1. What a scary experience! I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Now, that said- you are a very NAUGHTY girl! When you passed out, that was prime time to call emergency services and get help ASAP, and NOT continue to “secret mission” back to your home. If you had passed out again along the way, you would have been alone with no one to assist….too scary and risky! =:-0 Your bf should have insisted you get help immediately. I’m sure your parents would rather deal with you sneaking out than you getting any worse. I’m glad you were able to make it back without any more issues.

    Has anything like this ever happened before? Did you do any high stress or very strenuous exercises within the span of a week?

    Don’t be shy and ask the doc/nurse for some pain killers- let them know the extent of discomfort. It’s hard to rest when you’re dealing with a high degree of discomfort/pain.

    • Thanks.
      Yeah I realized what bad decisions I have made now. This was my first time completely blacking out. I’ve been training for a run but I guess I’m putting that on hold.

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