Being a Useless Person

Helloo readers…this is how I typically look like at home. Baby girl wants some latte too. This is as real as it gets. There are no jobs to apply for again…ahhhh. Toes belong to my bro. IMG_1465Selfieeeee….might as well test out the quality of my new i phone 6S that I just dropped a good grand on…So expensive…better last me the next decade.IMG_0055

Like any typical asian mother mines told me that if I wasn’t going to be good at anything I should at least practise housewife skills…nope I broke a bowl in half and sliced my hand open while dishwashing. Look at that awkward palm bandaid.image


One thought on “Being a Useless Person

  1. Breaking a dish or cutting yourself are initiation rites to culinary mastery. =)

    I will remain on my 5s as long as I can…these phones are just too pricey!

    Sending good job vibes your way!

    PS – Nice selfie!

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